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The Black Manosphere Magazine: 2021 Core Glossary and Report Card

by Dr. Spencer Holman


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The Black Manosphere™ Magazine, Special Annual Edition “2021 Core Glossary and Report Card” serves to help Black men understand, address, and overcome systemic issues which have plagued them for decades. The magazine features the 10 major life issues Black men encounter on a daily basis, i.e., (1) Lack of Black Male Agency, (2) Poor Health Conditions, (3) High Incarceration Rates, (4) Chronic Homelessness, (5) Chronic Joblessness, (6) Chronic Fatherlessness, (7) Poor Educational Support, (8) Negative Media Portrayal, (9) Persistent Barriers To Wealth, and (10) Constant Threat of Extinction.

The core glossary has been written to address all the negative stereotypes, all the put downs, all the ways Black men have been marginalized, all the groups Black men have been excluded from or placed into. This is exclusively for Black heterosexual men and that should be OK for the rest of the world. The glossary comprises a list of over 100 words and concepts commonly used in The Black Manosphere.

The old adage, “What gets measured, gets done” is the driving force behind measuring and reporting on the effectiveness of solutions in addressing life issues which are highlighted in the magazine and discussed in The Black Manosphere. Therefore, a report card is utilized, and serves as a measurement tool for progress towards accomplishing goals, and supporting the community in its commitment to helping Black men solve their problems with the help of other Black men. Solutions are offered through the teaching and implementation of the 10 Life Values success system, and are supported by activating advisory teams, establishing accountability partners, and instituting mentorships. These solutions form a repository of information, guidance, and motivation for men in support of their journey from surviving to striving to thriving. Ultimately, Black men are given the tools and processes to achieve excellence in life.

The Black Manosphere is committed to helping Black men solve their problems with the help of other Black men, and The Black Manosphere Magazine 2021 Core Glossary and Report Card is a key component of this mission.

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