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The Standout Expert: How to Build a Competition-Proof Brand and Become the Person Everyone Wants to Work With - Whatever it Takes and However Much it Costs

by Rob Cuesta


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Are you a coach, consultant, speaker, or professional adviser?
Do you make your living by selling your knowledge, experience, and expertise?
Are you tired of watching less able and less experienced competitors get more clients (or more prestigious ones), get invited onto chat shows or interviewed by the media, or take the best speaking gigs?
In his latest book, international bestselling author and award-winning marketer, coach and consultant Rob Cuesta brings together 30 years' experience as a trusted adviser to thousands of entrepreneurs and major corporations around the world and walks you through how to make yourself competition-proof by building a brand as the Standout Expert in your field: the person everyone wants to work with, whatever it takes an however much it costs.
You'll learn
  • how to design your business around what you want: the clients you want to work with, doing work you love to do, on terms you set
  • exactly what your clients are looking for from you (it's not what you think)
  • how to figure out the best products and services to offer, and what to offer next
  • how to grow your business while charging more than your competitors by creating Big Money Experiences that attract the premium buyers in your market who are willing and able to pay whatever fees you set
  • how to handle all your prospects' potential objections before you even start the sales meeting
  • how to turn strangers into buyers, repeat buyers and referrers who send you new business like clockwork
  • and much more
If you're ready to take your business to the next level, you'll want to read this book.

Note from Rob: the release date is provisionally set for October 31st, but my team and I are pulling out all the stops to get it ready well before then!

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