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The Beginning is Sh*t: An Unapologetic Weight Loss Memoir

by Suzanne Culberg


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120.3kg. No way! I feel the urge to vomit.

I knew I was over the 100kg mark but 120.3kg! Holy hell.

I fight the urge to run from the room and do a Maccas drive thru run. How has it come to this?

According to the record book I am trying to read without anyone looking over my shoulder, I need to lose 52kg to be considered healthy. 52! My best friend doesn't even weigh that much!

I need to lose a whole person?!

My urge to quit before I even start is strong. The leader once again materialises beside me. Perhaps she could sense my impending bolt, and she gently touches me on the arm. "This is the last time you will see that number. It's just a starting point. You are here for a reason. Remember that, and let's go and take a seat and get started."

The leader was wrong. This wasn't the last time Suzanne would see that number. This would be neither her final weight loss attempt, nor the highest number the scale would reflect back to her. 

The Beginning is Sh*t is the heart wrenching and inspiring true story of a woman desperate to achieve a healthy and comfortable weight, her frustration with the many diets she endures, and the ultimate discovery that leads her to release 78kg and maintain her current weight of 72kg. With no holds barred, Suzanne shares her story with humour and grace, inspiring us all to see what might be possible with determination and a willingness to look for answers in unexpected places. 

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