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Make It A Great Day: The Choice is Yours (Make It A Great Day Series Book 1)

by Jackie Simmons,Becky Scheliga,Cody Wooten,Danielle Silverman,Denise Thomas,Erin Strayer,Ilene Skeen,Iman Aghay,Jeannette Bridoux,Jessica Peterson,Joyce Blue,Joy Resor,Kate Frank,Ken Streater,Katie Miller,Lil Barcaski,Kris Bell,Linnea Appleby,Mary Schrank,Nadine Vernon,Stephanie Ashton,Mike Jones,Valerie I. Laboy,Rebecca Forero,Shauna E. VanderHoek,Wendy Cooper


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Name the Elephant in the Room... that's why this book was written.

In June of 1995, totally blindsided by her 14-year-old daughter's
suicide attempt, Jackie Simmons entered into a world of depression, addiction, medical mysteries, and deadly silences.

The Elephant: since 1995, the
number of teen suicides has risen drastically and still we hesitate to talk about it.

We know that
when it comes to suicide, silence is deadly. This book contains stories of heartache and stories of triumph.

Each story is designed to help you break the silence. The stories are real, raw, and sometimes comes with dog turds...

Inside this book, you'll also
find the guide to having "The Talk" to stop teen suicide, based on Jackie's TED talk.

You can learn more ways to stop teen suicide by watching Jackie's TED talk, visiting the
Teen Suicide Prevention Society online, and by joining us on The Suicide Prevention Show.

Learn more. Break the silence.
Have "The Talk."

Together, we'll save lives.

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