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Fall In Love With Your Job, Fall In Love With Yourself: Tools For Joy And Fulfillment

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This book is exactly what you need if you answer yes to any of the questions below:

  • Do you feel you are so busy that you don't have time to notice if you are discontent or stressed?
  • Do you know you are discontent or stressed but don't know what you could possibly do about it?
  • Are you feeling tired, burned out, or less enthusiastic about your job?
  • Do you enjoy your work but find one or more of your colleagues or administrators difficult to work with?
"If you're in search of an engaging, personally relevant collection of powerfully motivating, inspiring tools to renew, refresh and replenish your personal and professional life, Karin Alexander's unparalleled new book is just the gift to give yourself.
A clear thinking, impactful author, compassionate educator, unrivaled businesswoman and leading-edge unsurpassed motivational speaker, Karin shares some of the most intimate details of her life and shows you how these provided her with lessons that can be easily applied to help you live life at your best. Every page will transform your thinking and behavior to help move you from your stale comfort zone to a fresh, new, exhilarating growth zone ... where life glows with optimal success:'
Dr. Michael Mantell, author, Don't Sweat The Small Stuff P.S. It's All Small Stuff and The Link Is What You Think

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