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Grit & Grace: Twelve Empowering and True Stories Authored By Women Who Found Strength and Hope During Times Of Darkness and Despair

by Shiran Cohen,Tricia Snyder,Jenni Rae Oates,Andrea Costrino,Joanne Sotelo,Irene Elbie,Maria Violante,Vanessa Napolitano Duarte,Trisha Fraley,Milda Sabiene,Erin-Kate Whitcomb,Sandra Haseley


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We don’t volunteer for hardships in life, but we’re also not ignorant enough to imagine they won’t show up. We know the gritty part of life will come, but along with it, we get to choose to believe that the grace will show up, too. And as long as we look for it, we don’t have to face our lives with the same fear we used to. We feel steadier and more powerful in the face of whatever challenge we confront. One of the most effective ways in history to enhance that level of steadiness, understanding, and trust is the ability to share our stories of grit and grace with the people in our lives; to give them strength and tools to arm themselves for their next unknown struggle. This author’s alliance that we have created within Grit & Grace is a community of women who know, love, and respect each other. It is our intention to invite women to connect with any of the authors you feel led to. Consider this book an open door to create more conversation, share stories, and expand our collective wisdom. We’ve each witnessed, first hand, the extraordinary impact women have made when they intentionally come together for a powerful purpose.

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