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Deservingness: The Art of Getting More of What You Want

by Tasha Chen


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Tasha Chen wrote Deservingnessfor you—those of you who are tired of hearing you must believe you deserve the best in order to get it. Yet, you still do not know how to believe because you were never shown the way… until now.

In this book, you will:
  • Learn About the Lies That Bind You
  • Discover How to Access Your Higher Power
  • Get Tools to Clear the Patterns That Keep You Empty
  • Come to Understand the Thinking That Brought You Here
  • Explore Ways to Create a Vision for What You Deserve in Life
“Bring an end to your lack of self-worth. Become Deserving—it’s the path to getting more of what you want by learning how to fill up your own container.”
— Christy Whitman, New York Times Bestselling Author, Spiritual Guide, and Law of Attraction Teacher

“Deservingness vs Worthiness—this book shows you why understanding the difference can change your life!”
— Adam Markel, Renowned Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, and Business Mentor

“The ‘HOW TO’ for practicing
Deservingness when you realize you don’t have what you think you deserve.”
— Lissa Coffey, Bestselling Author, TV Personality, and Lifestyle and Relationship Expert

“If you are ready to be freed of past mistakes and become Deserving of the life you desire—read this book.”
— Bob Proctor, World-Renowned Speaker, Bestselling Author, and Featured Teacher in
The Secret

“Ready to command life to bring you what you deserve?
Deservingness shows you how.”
— Marc Allen, Author, Composer, Speaker, and Cofounder and Publisher of
New World Library

Tasha Chen is a Master Money Manifesting Mentor and co-founder of the Science of Getting Rich Academy. Tasha Chen’s impactful manifestation and mindset philosophy has helped friends, family, colleagues, and many entrepreneurs around the globe shift their perspective on money and their personal stories around Deservingness as it relates to abundance. Tasha now passionately shares that
Deservingnessis the single most powerful factor in determining the way we experience life.

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