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The Big Power of Tiny Connections: How Small Interactions Spark Awesome Outcomes

by Jen Nash


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The bestselling book on the power of relationships includes tons of real-world stories and in-depth guidance for making connections in both the online and offline world.

In this zippy read packed with true-life stories, Jen Nash explains how the opportunity to connect is everywhere and how we can get more than we ever dreamed of out of life if we make the effort to lean in and say hello.

Get inspired when you realize that making time to connect is the most productive thing you can do to thrive at home or at work. In fact, as you read this fun, fast-paced book you'll see how powerful connections support your happiness, health, and well-being.

Although it's packed with relatable stories and smart snippets of insightful research on how we listen, talk and crave connection—Jen Nash also gives you lots of practical tips for making connections on a daily basis. Not sure how to follow up with that amazing human you just met on a bus, plane, train or an event? It's in the book. Not sure how to connect more deeply on social media? Also in the book. Jen Nash breaks all sorts of situations down, and really digs into why building our social capital and growing our networks is the most valuable thing we can do to expand our lives.

Whether you want to go to more parties, get a better job, make more money, or be a better person—reading this book can give you practical strategies for doing it all. A happier, more successful, and more fulfilling life is within your reach and The Big Power of Tiny Connections will show you the way

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