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How to Survive Death: Is death the end or a new beginning?

by Niels Kjeldsen


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It's magical what is happening around us. Who would think that there is a know-how on this subject between lives. There is, and instead of feeeling haunted and mystified you can actually find out for yourself. If a friend or loved one is in severe physical trouble, you can call 911. Paramedics will know what to do, the hospital personnel and doctors are well-educated on handling physical illness, accidents, etc. You will get professional help, and there will be somebody to help and take care of the body. But who do you call if the spirit is about to leave the body? “What is going to happen when I die?” “What can I expect?” “How can I prepare?” The person might ask. Where is the person with the answer to these vital questions? Who will be able to assist that person? Who is telling him what to do and not to do? Who can do “emergency assistance” to the spirit? YOU can! Yes, you can be the one assisting and doing the job when you have read this book. The book is also about the author’s journey (autobiography) from rebellious youth to a fulfilling life, helping others achieve their full potential. On that journey, he never stopped searching for better answers to life’s mysteries—solutions that consistently work. "What really happens when we die?" is covered in this book.

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