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The Lost Ship

by Jeff Lucas

ASIN: B09S223QS4

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Could an octopus be as smart as a 12-year-old boy?

“This book will take you on a breathtaking, wonderful, adventure-filled, suspenseful ride through the sea. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 BLASTOFF!!! – Leah Kailin, Age 10

Jack's father is a professional diver, working on a way to talk underwater. He loses one of the devices overboard and an octopus slips away with it and learns to talk. Jack ventures out to take a photo of the octopus. He's flummoxed by the animal's speaking to him but buys in. Jack joins the octopus—Armstrong—in his den and the two become friends. Armstrong describes having seen an old sailing ship that Jack imagines could be “the greatest maritime discovery in history.” The two head across the reef to find the ship. Along the way, they interact with 140 oceanic creatures and environments, experience an underwater earthquake, navigate a dark and spooky cave and, finally, find the ship. Four bad guys—treasure hunters—show up and Jack and Armstrong are faced with fighting them off.

“Such an imaginative and epic adventure! I plan to use it in my curriculum.”
-- Daryth Morrissey, middle-school marine biology teacher and Expedition Fellow, Earth Echo International

Author Jeff Lucas did extensive research, and with the help of a Ph. D. marine biologist, accurately reveals the aquatic colors, sounds, and personalities of our glorious yet endangered undersea world. Hence, a portion of the book's proceeds will go to The Nature Conservancy, whose mission is to conserve the lands and waters throughout the world.

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