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Why Are My Labs Normal? : Your guide to reading your own blood work; no medical background needed

by Dr. Kylie Burton


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Have you ever gone to the doctor and they keep telling you that your blood work is normal, yet you know something isn’t right? Have you felt terrible for a long time and just can’t get answers? Maybe you’ve even been told that your doctor doesn’t order the right blood tests.

You’ve been told wrong.

You may think all the co-pays, blood donations, and time you’ve spent getting to this point was worthless. You may be frustrated as ever as you keep getting told your labs are normal - so you’re about to give up.


Here’s the reality - you have the answers you’ve been searching for! The blood work you already have is a gold mine, IF you know how to read it right.

This book will help you become the best person to read your own labs (the right way); no medical background required (but it’s for you with medical background too).

Dr. Kylie Burton is first and foremost, a mom, wife, and daughter. By degree, she is a chiropractor but her heart lies in functional medicine (so much so she doesn’t own a chiropractic table). Through her extensive training and experience in functional medicine, she has become the normal lab expert helping thousands of individuals with seemingly impossible health struggles, find answers, healing, and hope, using their normal blood work as a guideline.

Besides helping patients, she teaches practitioners (of all backgrounds) how they too can take their practice beyond the diagnosis using her techniques inside her Mastermind.

As a host of the top-rated podcast, Beyond the Diagnosis with Dr. Kylie, she’s been a guest on over 75 podcasts, featured on 8 different radio shows worldwide. On TV, she has been a guest on the national TV show: The List + Good Morning Utah and FOX26Houston.

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