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Soulmate Dog: My Journey Home with Luna’s Guiding Wisdom

by Shawna Marie Fischer


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The struggle to understand the true meaning of “home” is one many of us face. For those who have been adopted, that challenge can be even greater. Throughout her life, Shawna Marie Fischer had searched to find her footing in the world, with no idea that her greatest guide would come with four paws and a wagging tongue.

Soulmate Dog recounts Shawna’s moving journey with Luna, the yellow lab whose unconditional love not only helped her heal from trauma but unlock her ability to communicate with the incredible furry and feathered angels who walk alongside us. Luna is there as Shawna explores the ways in which being adopted affected her in both positive and negative ways; she also, with the unconditional love only animals can give, shows Shawna where she had compromised herself and, ultimately, how to embrace life to the fullest.

Filled with highs and lows, fun adventures and sparks of wisdom, the book will help readers realize the transcendent experience of truly listening to their animal companions, and remember how their relationships with their beloved pets healed their lives and the lives of those around them. It also shows readers how they are in constant communication with their animals (whether they realize it or not), and how they can tune into them in a deeper and more intentional way.

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