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The Impact of Silence: Self-Mastery Practices for Women: Stepping into Your Power and Embodying the Happiness That's Your Birthright

by Stephanie B. McAuliffe


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What happens when everything you’ve lived your life by is all of a sudden gone? Your career. Your marriage or partner. You find you’ve entered into a metaphorical void. Who are you?

Do you feel like you don’t know which way to turn?

Does your mind feel full of conflicting messages?

Does your heart feel heavy when you look at the past?

Do you feel like you’re being called into something more for your life?

Everyone has opinions on what’s right and wrong for you, and with you. It’s not just about being happier. There’s a deep longing that’s calling you to choose something new, beyond the noise of the world.

Mid-life crisis is often seen as a man driving a new sports car or leaving his old life behind. As a woman, it may be expressed as a dark night of the soul, where you make the choice to find your own deeper meaning.

This book touches on key science behind generational appropriation that affects you, your ancestry and society. With beautifully designed exercises and invitations, it reminds you that you are not alone. You will finally be able to release unhealthy relationships and simultaneously birth a new one with yourself.

What if the new car you’re driving is you, and what’s left behind are the old stories that have clouded who you really are. Unfogging the rearview mirror to open the road ahead.

Join Stephanie as she shares her own journey of coming to a deep trust within herself, where at the age of 53, she experienced the end of her 10-year marriage and her 27-year career on Wall Street. Of how she healed the deep scars attached to her stories, and to ultimately step into her own sovereignty.

The Impact of Silence gives you a path. A motto Stephanie lives by is: “There is no story that can’t be healed.”

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