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Prepare for The Real World: The World Is Not a Safe Place

by Brian Searcy


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The threats we face today are growing unprecedentedly. The events we see in the news, in our communities, schools, churches, and businesses all call for the need for all of us to learn and practice situational awareness. Situational awareness allows you to prevent, remove, and respond to threats and events that could potentially cause you or somebody else to be victims.

Based on today’s reality, we need to provide safety to our families, workplaces, and communities. Situational awareness is the key. Whether you’re the head of the family or a CEO, you need to develop situational awareness not just for yourself but also for your family, those you work with, and others in your community.

Situational awareness gives you the ability to deal with imminent threats. It also allows you to detect and manage signs of potential problems before they materialize.

Situational awareness can be learned and can significantly decrease the likelihood of victimhood from any kind of threat. It comes with preparation, critical decision-making, and development and continuous practice of your own mindset, behaviors, and processes that prepare you when you identify that something is not right. These skills should be applied in our daily lives.

Every person is different, and every situation is unique. The key is to understand when to trust your instincts—your gut feeling—and what to do even before you are faced with any source of stress, danger, or anxiety.

This book will not tell you what to do, but it will provide guidance and education on how you can develop, practice and maintain your situational awareness.

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