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5 Strategies To Get Your Business Noticed and Create A Celebrity Brand: Marketing and PR Secrets To Help You Find The Perfect Customer, Build Your Influence As An Expert, and Become A Celebrity In

by Catrise Austin


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As entrepreneurs, we are constantly striving for business growth. Every day we find ourselves on the quest to stand out from our competition, to attract more ideal customers, to deliver top notch products or services, and to earn higher revenue-preferably working smarter and not harder so that we don’t burn out, we continue to love what we do, and we have fun doing it. To achieve this, we must be strategic. That’s why I believe that every entrepreneur should be a “celebrity” or well known! In business, when people know, like, and trust your brand they are more likely to be influenced, will become a raving fan, will support or buy from your brand, and tell their friends and family about it too. If you are a founder, an author, speaker, consultant, or another type of "solopreneur", like your favorite celebrity, you have to be everywhere. You must create the right brand message and make the rounds on social media, podcasts, TV shows, events, and your brand has to be all over the web to get discovered. The strategy makes sense, right? Besides, the world needs you! The more visibility means more credibility, brand recognition, clients and sales.

In This Book, You Will Learn 5 Strategies to Get Your Business Noticed and Create a Celebrity Brand:

1: Create Your Brand Message, Attract Your Perfect Client, and Make an Irresistible Offer

2: Amplify Your Influence, Authority, and Income by Using Social Media

3: Learn Why Every Entrepreneur Needs to Write a Book and It’s Easier Than You Think!

4: Discover the Key Steps Needed to Prepare to Land Local and National TV Appearances

5: Build Key Relationships: The Perfect Elevator Pitch, Networking, and How Making Celebrity Contacts

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