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Earn More. Work Less. Live Happy. : The BIG Financial Freedom And Time Management Secrets To Build A Profitable Business Around The Happy, Balanced Life You Want Without Overwhelm, Anxiety or Stress

by Faith Christiansen


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WARNING: Too Many Authors, Coaches and Service Providers Are Doing Business the Hard Way ...

They pick a target market, compete on price and then try to hit their financial and time freedom goals. They are rarely taught the math to make those figures a reality, and as a result they struggle as it is too hard. They become a slave to their business with no time to live their happy life...missing out on the special moments with those they love.


In this book, I am exposing the marketing and freedom secrets that the ‘experts’ and ‘influencers’ are using to earn the 6, 7 or even 8 figures…not what they are necessarily teaching to keep you buying programs and courses.

Unlock the hidden hacks to design a profitable lifestyle business that works WITH your dream life, financial and time freedom goals. Learn how to use the
Explode Your Sales Blueprint to design an irresistible offer and automated system that allows you charge more while working less hours.

I'll also give away my super-ninja strategies to reverse engineer your financial and time goals so can make them a reality faster than you ever thought possible. You will know how to charge more (and get it) while standing out from your competitors.

By the end of the book, you will know the five steps of the Explode Your Sales Blueprint that allows you to earn more, while working less hours as you have stripped the fluff and are focused on the highest leveraged, income-producing activities.

In this
Earn More, Work Less, Live Happy guide, you will:
  • Understand how simplicity and focus allows you to escape the hardcore hustle that has you trapped working long hours for low profits.
  • Gain crystal clear clarity and bulletproof confidence around your offers, pricing, and marketing so you can get paid your worth (without guilt and imposter syndrome).
  • The five simple steps and systems to explode your sales and take-home profit so you can dodge the mistakes keeping many trapped with inconsistent results and low profits
  • Creating the happy work-life balance without lowering your income, adding more stress/anxiety, or increasing your time commitment to your business!
  • Use powerful sales strategies to get more sales with LESS time on social media.
  • Know how to ditch the long to-do lists and complicated tech to lose the ‘busywork’ in your business by focusing on the 20% of activities that bring 80% of our results and profits.
  • How you can truly have it all so you can start to live your best life now instead of waiting until you 'retire' or the big four get you (divorce, illness, broke, death)

... and so much, MUCH More!

This amazing book will also show you the secrets to creating and growing your profits in a sustainable way so that you can ditch the overwhelm, stress and anxiety your business is causing and stop them negatively affecting your health and the personal relationships in your life.

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