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A Life of Red

by Skylar Fresh


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Where there is light, there will always be dark. Such powerful oppositions hold mystery in their own right. They inspire the imagination of consciousness, demanding investigation. Demarcation is the middle point. This space in time is exactly when and where we as souls engulfed bodies got to taste the ever so sweet and toxic sad emotions of a lifetime experience. 

Let us not forget that we did indeed come here to experience life and taste the bad so we can learn to truly appreciate and cherish the good. This story is one in a million. There are so many great literary works of art out there, but there is always room for another. Those precious few that were so incredibly gifted and inspiring did come forward because of experiencing great loss, regret and sadness.

Something about a broken heart creates the potential for greatness in the minds of those who can be humble and disciplined in the attempt to conquer one's untamed self. 

Long ago Man was barely off the bottom of The Food Chain. Scared for his life and cold. Aside from a brain that is eager to improve and learn, the human body is very soft and fragile. Humans mouth is small and the fingernails hardly compare to those fearsome claws of a man eating predator. If a man was to survive, evolving and growing was vital and necessary.

There have been great advancements and tools since the first club or sharp stick and flint knife. There is no question that the harnessing of fire helped man greatly in the hunt or be hunted by laws of the wild. Even more mysterious than the hot glow of a fire, is the way that man found a companion in the aggressive mountains and woods that could have only been sent by the divine. For there was a love capable and trustworthy body, sniffing and roaming the wilderness looking for a friend. A law driven pack hunter known as Akela, k-9, Wolf, and Dog. A strange and unusual pair that together changed their position in that dark, death defying good chain forever. Man and Dog became dependent on one another. One's ability to think with purpose and grace. And the other to be driven by honest basic animal instincts. To smell the earth for remaining scent and to chase through thick sharp forest for hours to catch its prey. Dogs act on pure instinct without political awareness. Man and his new best friend enhanced one another's life back in a much simpler and yet dangerous time, and still rely on each other today.

This story, a Life of Red, begins at one holy moment in time in a heavenly place among the clouds. In particular, one who was being sent to earth to receive a healthy body and fulfill a mission and destiny. Before departing heaven to be born he was gracefully addressed and appreciated for his hearts' strength and love in its purest form. This dog was being sent to save the darkness consumed spirit of a young man who was without hope or light. The holy soul of the dog angel slowly descended away from the incredible bright light as darkness consumed that of the eye. Perception shifted, as a silent moment in time passed and the dim light shined strong and there was a breath of life. 

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