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Samantha Jean's Rainbow Dream: A Young Foster Girl's Adventure into the Colorful World of Fruits & Vegetables

by AJ Autieri - Luciano


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Easily get your family on a path to better health - one fruit & veggie at a time
by reading this heartwarming, fun filled adventure into hope, acceptance, love,
perseverance and the benefits of eating fruits & vegetables!

Will the young fruit & veggie hating Samantha Jean finally find the
Forever Family she’s been dreaming of?

How will her new foster parents react when she blurts out “YUCK” at
the dinner table?

Both fruit & veggie LOVERS & HATERS alike will enjoy following
Samantha as Ari & Aña invent fun new ways to help her explore the
nutrient rich world of fruits & vegetables.

Come cheer on Samantha Jean as she tries to win
The 30 Day EAT THE RAINBOW Challenge!

Better yet, team up with the whole family and play along.
*Then check out Samantha Jean’s YUCK to YUM Club PLAYBOOK.

Kids, parents, teachers - EVERYONE’S invited to join in on this
uniquely informative fun-filled adventure and learn the benefits
of adding more plant-based foods to your diet - one fruit & veggie at a time.

*For Samantha Jean's FREE downloadable YUCK to YUM Club PLAYBOOK, email

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