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Suicide & Sequins: A Journey of Joyous Hope

by Jenny DeBolt,Aaron Tutunick,Michelle Faust,Megan Goodwin,Jill McMahon


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Jenny shares with painfully raw emotions her journey through multiple suicides and tragic loss to the other side of pain where joy and light await. Grief can be more than the death of a loved one, and this book relates to anyone recovering from any type of grief by Jenny sharing effective coping skills she has learned.

Jenny bravely relives her loss, the whys, the anger, and finally embraces the truth and her peace with suicide loss. Her story will pull you in as though you are living it yourself. Suicide is a subject difficult for anyone to understand, let alone accept. After reading this book, you will see suicide through a different lens and know that there is hope and help for prevention, coping, and forgiveness. There is no “one” way to grieve and heal.

Jenny wants to help others learn to cope with the trauma of suicide loss and the grief that comes with it as well as learn to come to peace with suicide loss. She also shares ways to cope with life stressors; the stuff we don’t learn until we are in the throes of trauma. Some of us never learn them or take up unhealthy ones.

Her journey led her straight to her strong faith. This is the story of how Jenny, with God as her guide, went from agonizing, never-ending grief to a sequin life, full of love, light, gratitude, service, and joy. This book is a story of a true journey of hope.

If you or someone you know is at risk for suicide or needs someone to talk to, please reach out thru the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 or text HOME to 741741.

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