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Fortified ~ Special Edition: 10 Effective Strategies to Fortify Our Families

by Richins, Lorrie,


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"If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans..." ~ Bella, the Movie


I did not plan on writing this book. Thoughts and ideas for three other books took precedence over the years. Each had important messages I felt needed to be shared with the world. I was passionate about those books, but all that changed in an instant on a peaceful Sunday morning when I received a distinct impression that this book needed to be written first.

    Receiving and following inspiration is important to me. As you continue reading this book, you will learn why. Without it my health would have failed, my marriage would have ended, and I would be reporting on our family sufferings rather than our eventual successes.

    Perhaps you've experienced similar life challenges but without a favorable outcome. Whatever your circumstance, you are not alone. Your struggle is understood. I am a survivor myself of some of life's worst scenarios. With proper principles in place, I assure you that personal peace and family success are still possible.

    As you will see, these pages teach sensible strategies through modern day parables. Layers of meaningful life lessons will unfold through true stories that both instruct and inspire. I invite you to pause and reflect as you read so you can feel the Lord's guidance for your own individual needs. Questions have also been added at the end of each chapter for further contemplation.

    Three primary events will weave throughout the body of this book. The first is an experience I had three years ago as a candidate for Idaho state representative. The second event involves a devastating car accident with four teenage youth, two of whom were close friends of our family. The last incident is particularly personal as it involves a serious car accident with two of our own children.

    You may be wondering what these three stories have to do with fortifying families. I thought the same thing when the concept first flowed into my mind. Eventually the Lord helped me connect the dots and see His perfect unfolding plan.

    I often say that God is the great orchestrator of our lives. The process of writing this book has only strengthened that conviction.


    In closing, at times people have had to peer into the pain of their past in order for me to present to you the pearls on these pages. Pearls can always be found on the path of pain if we patiently wait for the Lord to reveal them. This book is filled with pearls. As you find them within the stories shared, I hope you treasure them as I do. Like all things of great worth, there was a price paid for each one of them.







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