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The Plans He Has For Me: A 12-Week Daily Devotional for Freedom from Alcohol

by Rose Ann Forte


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"The gripping nature of the subject matter and the author's ability to connect and relate to the reader through experiences and through scripture is something faith-based readers will absolutely love to read about, and will make for a truly helpful non-fiction read."
Pacific Book Review 5 Star Rating

Rose Ann Forte understands the fears and hardships because she's gone through the slavery and eventual freedom from alcohol herself and wants to share with an audience what worked and continues to work for her, in hopes that it will help her readers.
Manhattan Book Review 5 Star Rating

"The mindful minutes were what I found most affecting. On each day, Forte provides insight into the verse of the day, something to consider either for a minute or on and off throughout the day. Most are short - only two or three paragraphs - but that shortness does not mean they can be breezed through. Far from it; these minutes should be lingered over when possible and considered. You may find surprising wisdom after letting them steep for a time in your mind."
Portland Book Review 5 Star Rating

"You never know what God might use to help you to heal or to move forward on your life's journey. The Plans He Has For Me has become a remarkable and valued companion for me. I'd almost call it a miracle!"
Blogger Finchwren

KIRKUS: "An upbeat and interactive faith based approach to confronting alcohol addiction"

Are you ready to change your relationship with alcohol?

Rose Ann Forte was, and she knew she needed an approach that was more meaningful.
And she wanted a fresh start that kept her motivated!

Statistics Related to Alcohol Misuse
  • Globally, it is estimated that 9% of the population is dealing with AUD (Alcohol Use Disorder)
  • Less than 8% of people in the US receive any type of treatment for it
  • More people (5.3%) of the population suffers from AUD than Opioid use which is at .8%
  • The incidence of cirrhosis is expected to TRIPLE by the year 2030
  • Alcohol is the leading cause of preventable death in the US

The Plans He Has for Me is a twelve-week guided devotional that will teach you:
  • What stepping away from alcohol really does for the body and mind
  • How to positively change the language you use to talk about drinking
  • How to feel hopeful instead of shameful or restricted
  • How to refocus your attention on what really adds value to your life
  • How to stop living in the past, and be a forgiving support system to others!
So how does it work? And what makes this approach different?

Each day you'll receive biblical guidance in the form of scripture, encouragement, and a daily prayer.

The messages are short, but powerful.

"The mindful minutes were what I found most affecting...these minutes should be lingered over when possible and considered. You may find surprising wisdom after letting them steep for a time in your mind." - Portland Book Review

Trust that you'll also find inspiration to create new habits, and motivation to stay the course!

God has a much better plan for you - one of endless possibilities, hope and good health.

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