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Make It A Great Day: The Choice Is Yours Volume 2 (Make It A Great Day Series)

by Jackie Simmons,Dr. Alicia Paz,Austin Cannon,Rev. Kelly Kaelin,Alexi Bracey,Andrew Cardone,Ann Ljungberg,JW Wilson,Nadine Hanchar,Bruce J. Barnes


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Why this book . . .

We believe . . . Friends Don't Let Friends SELF-DELETE

Suicides are on the rise around the world. Here in North America, we’re experiencing a suicide epidemic. We believe that suicide is an EVERYBODY PROBLEM to solve.

We’ve found that nowadays, there’s one in every room.

In every room you walk into, in-person or online, there’s at least one person grieving the loss of a loved one to suicide, and in every room, there’s at least one person struggling to stay alive.

Our mission at the
Teen Suicide Prevention Society is to end teen suicide. We believe that busting the myths, exposing the challenges, exploring the options, and most importantly, sharing the preventions is the fastest path to accomplish our mission, and we need speed because we’ve learned:

You can’t tell by looking.”

You can't tell by looking just who's at risk, grieving, or struggling. You can’t tell by looking who’s happy or who’s masking.

You can’t tell by looking who’s a little down or who’s so “down” they’ve forgotten what “up” feels like. So, instead of “waiting for signs” (a.k.a.: “looking for trouble''), we’ve got a more proactive approach for you.

We believe in taking action before you think it’s needed, before your friend or loved one is obviously struggling. Our pure-prevention approach gives your friends and loved ones a buffer between themselves and an edge they may not even know they’re near, a.k.a.: “suicide-proofing” them.

We call it:
“Emotional Cage Fighting.”

We know that some of your friends, family, and peers are dying for you to invite them into
“The Cage” with you. They’re afraid to talk about how they’re feeling except in the most damaging way possible . . .

Did you know that teens call suicide: “self-deleting?” That’s right, “self-deleting” as if it's not a big deal. No different than hitting the delete key on a keyboard or ending a video game.

However, ending this game, the one we call “Life,” is a little different.
  1. It’s permanent.
  2. When one person takes their own life, they massively impact a minimum of 20 people who care about them.
  3. Worse, when one person takes their own life, they give tacit permission for everyone who knows them to do the same. This is why suicide is considered a contagious “dis-ease.”
  4. Finally, odds are, those who are closest will end up saying: “We never saw it coming.”
“We never saw it coming.” are the saddest words in the world. We never want you to hear them said about a friend or loved one. We never, ever want you to say them about a friend or loved one. AND we never, ever, ever want your friends or loved ones to say them about YOU.

We want you to know that we’ve got your back, we’re not going to send you into “The Cage” alone or unarmed.

All we need to know is, are you willing?
Are you willing to fight for the lives of your friends and loved ones?
Are you willing to get into “The Cage” with them and not come out until you know they’re “suicide-proofed,” at least a little?

Thank you. Ready?

The key to going into “The Cage” with confidence and coming out with all of your parts and pieces intact, including your relationships with your friends and loved ones, is to simply follow
“The Guide.” That’s right, you’ve got a guide to help you prevent suicide.

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