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Piece of Work, a Memoir: We are all a Piece of Work, a Work in Progress, and a Work of Art

by Danielle Tantone


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“Marriage provides us with some of our most profound spiritual tests. Danielle's memoir is an honest rendering of heartbreak, struggle and redemption. It is deeply human and beautifully written. If you've ever felt alone on your journey, you will find an understanding companion in this book.”
  • Emily Tamayo Maher, author of The Meaning Method

“As a man in his 40’s I wasn’t sure if I would be able to connect with Danielle’s story. I was wrong. This book highlights a very human story, compelling and filled with beauty, mess, and the journey toward reconciliation. Each page turn found me wanting to know what was next. You’ll enjoy the ride.”
  • Matthew Gibson, pastor, producer and sound engineer

“Piece of Work reminds us that beliefs and identity are malleable. Danielle shares her story of survival and faith with candor and humor. Written in a relatable way, it feels like hearing a story from a good friend.”
  • Emily Silva, author of Sunrise Gratitude

“The photographer splatters black paint across my chest to represent the cancer against the pink. You can still see the purple marker underneath if you know where to look. But it becomes part of the artwork. My body is a piece of art, a symbol of my own life, a beautiful and rich history, even with the messiness underneath.”


Piece of Work is the story of a spicy Jewish girl who tried to become a sweet Christian wife - and failed miserably. Caught between expectations from two opposing worldviews, Danielle sought love like an addict chasing a drug. After years of tumbling through life searching for that missing piece, she finally found true love, forgiveness, and empathy within herself. With renewed faith, she faced breast cancer and became a nurse in the middle of a pandemic. She came to understand that her tumultuous life and complicated identity had left her with invaluable gifts: the ability to see both sides, the understanding of what it feels like to be broken, and the compassion to build up others. She discovered that we are all a piece of work, a work in progress, and a work of art, all at the same time.

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