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The Great Bednapping Mystery

by Joanna Hurley


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An eight-year-old girl, a witch, and a young man become involved in a mystery about a bednapped friend and a troubled circus. Will friendship, magic, and good detective skills be enough to solve this mystery? And save the circus?

In this second book in the Zoey and Arthur Adventure Series, The Great Bednapping Mystery, Joanna Hurley’s KidQuest teaching tool again helps parents start great conversations with their children at story time. The themes raised in the book include moving to a new town, making new friends, empathy, and forgiveness.

Zoey successfully survived a move to a new town last year. But she hasn’t been successful at their new school. She has no friends!

Because she did everything with her grandparents, she never needed friends before her move. Now, Zoey needs to make new friends, despite having little friend-making experience. But how do you make friends when you discover you are different from everyone at your school? Mrs. G and Arthur are her only friends in town. But she differs from them too.

When a crisis occurs, Zoey’s friendships are challenged. Zoey must summon the courage to learn new skills if she is to help her friends. With a bit of magic, and a lot of hard work, she and Mrs. G solve a mystery and help old and new friends in unexpected ways.

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