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Legally Bossed Up - The Ultimate Legal Playbook: How to Protect Your Business, Brand and Profit So You Can Make More Money and Keep It

by Shevelle McPherson


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“A truly successful business is a business that is both profitable and protected,” Shevelle McPherson, Esq.

Most entrepreneurs start businesses not knowing the key plays to make at the onset. They ignore the most important plays, those on the legal side of their business. They tend to put all of their focus, energy, and effort on the “profit” side, money-making plays.

This can be a
HUGE and COSTLY mistake exposing you to personal liability, lawsuits, inconsistent cashflow, stolen content, expensive rebranding, difficulty scaling, and so much more. Legally Bossed Up is the Ultimate Legal Playbook for entrepreneurs. It outlines the step-by-step plays that are the success pillars of your business.

Legally Bossed Upwill SERVE as your foundational blueprint. It reveals the step-by-step plays, “legal pillars,” necessary to ensure the essential foundation of your business is properly laid. This is critical if you are launching.

Legally Bossed Up will SHOW you the profit leaks in your business, missed plays, that you have SCIIPed and need to go back and immediately plug in before your house of cards comes crashing down. This is critical if you are scaling.

Legally Bossed Upwill TEACH you the exact plays you need to know and make to limit your personal liability, get paid consistently, own your brand, protect your content, services, and products, and implement systems and processes that will support your business, allowing it to consistently run like a profitable well-oiled machine, so you can grow and scale … like a BOSS!

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