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Your Next Act: The Six Growth Accelerators For Creating a Business You'll Love for the Rest of Your Life

by Mike Koenigs


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You and every entrepreneur, at one time or another in your career, face any or all of the following:

  1. You’re stuck. You’ve outgrown who you are, what you do, why you’re doing it, and who you’re doing it for. You want to do something new that has more impact and joy… but don’t know what it is…
  2. You need a reinvention. You’re ok with your current business but need a TOTAL upgrade - better offers, higher-ticket products, and better customers.
  3. You’re ready for Your Next Act. You’ve recently exited, but finding a team to create all the “stuff” to get it off the ground quickly is hard, expensive, and time-consuming…

The path to higher revenue, more impact, and greater fulfillment is to create a Category of One brand, where the ideal customers and clients come to you, already sold on your products and services. This short book by business expert and serial entrepreneur Mike Koenigs, will help you:

  • Develop the right MINDSET of non-negotiable values to reimagine your business
  • Target the ideal MARKET who you can effectively serve, “Who do you want to be a hero to?”
  • Design a profitable business MODEL to deliver a brand promise, transformation and simplify delivery
  • Pinpoint the MESSAGE that resonates with your perfect prospects, makes them raise their hand and buy quickly
  • Choose the proper MEDIA to get in front of your audience and drive them to buy now
  • Amplify your success with a variety of MULTIPLIERS that attract and close your market

Your Next Act works in virtually every industry, for virtually every business owner or entrepreneur, anywhere in the world: from funded startups, financial services, wealth management, investing, professional services, legal, private equity, insurance, business coaching and advising, space, software, SaaS, construction, manufacturing, real estate and healthcare.

Mike is an extraordinary man. He’s brought me insights on how to reach people on the Internet that are so valuable. This is a man you should deal with. Take advantage of what he has to offer.”


“Amplify, amplify, amplify! That’s Mike in a nutshell. He’s a passionate creative genius that can help any entrepreneur reinvent and turn their vision into reality quickly by combining business, technology, marketing, media, and platform. He inspires and motivates me in every episode of our Capability Amplifier podcast."

➤ DAN SULLIVAN, founder and CEO Strategic Coach

“Mike can make you a lot of money. Mike is a ninja with marketing strategies. He has so much insight and has overcome impossible odds that he can share with any audience.”


“Mike Koenigs is a total badass. He's a trusted advisor and an early-stage investor in Bulletproof who I rely on for cutting-edge marketing and business advice."


“Mike Koenigs is a master of helping transformational entrepreneurs like me go out, get our message out to the world, and then give us the tools so we can go change lives and be role models to change everyone's lives."


“Mike Koenigs is the “Doc” Brown of marketing and technology. One question or one problem scenario unlocks his brain and 20 to 30 ingenious ideas pour out of it. One idea grew my database from 30,000 to 800,000 in 14 months. Another one contributed to a product launch that generated a million dollars in three days. Most recently another contributed to a marketing process that is now generating $250,000 a week. Mike Koenigs is a brilliant marketing muse who can make you money!”

DARREN HARDY, Founding Publisher/Editor SUCCESS magazine and Mentor to CEOs and High-Performance Achievers

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