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Beyond Belief: How Living with a Brain Stem Tumor Brought Faith and Purpose to Life

by Kyle Campbell


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2023 Best Indie Book Award winner for Christian Inspirational

This kind of story does not always end with a life of incredible purpose… but this time, it did.

"(Kyle’s) determination, witty humor, and faith is so moving; it encourages us all that we can live life to the fullest with God in the midst of our struggles and challenges. I would highly recommend this book to everyone!"

"No matter what season of life you are in—this book was written for you.”

Those with brain tumors, disabilities, barriers, challenges, or anyone going through anything… we cannot do it on our own!

Pain and suffering are all around us. Through this thing we call life, we experience so much that just flat-out stinks. Things are out of our control. Why do bad things happen when there’s no reason for it? Why do five-year-olds get life-threatening brain stem tumors? What kind of hope is there to ever have an answer for a question like that? What is there to believe in these days?

In this book, Kyle will share with you his journey of living with an inoperable brain stem tumor, having radiation, experiencing daily impairments, and the ups and downs he (and his family) have faced along the way. He’ll also share his answer to the question of
why me?

After learning about Kyle’s unique medical journey, faith journey, and educational journey,
Beyond Belief will show you how to:

• Let go of ‘control’ and be content in any situation you’re facing
• Build and/or restore hope and joy in your life with the right foundation
• Prioritize what matters and stop pursuing the distractions around you
• Start living on purpose with confident conviction

Time is ticking… What’s your answer to how we should live? What will you find
Beyond Belief?

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