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The Butterfly Promise: A Memoir

by Kristin Joy Lavin


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I wasn't surprised when my grandma promised me she'd contact me from the after-life. Gram was born during the Progressive Era in Greenwich Village and she was one enlightened lady.

Whether or not she'd make good on her promise was the part I struggled with. Believing in spirits and mediums were plots of TV movies, not the journey I'd expected to take in suburbia New York.

Stricken with multiple deaths and reeling in grief, I wondered, why are we here and where do we go? These questions triggered memories of my own past psychic experiences and peculiar premonitions. I suspected those supernatural adventures prepared me for the ultimate test of faith with Gram. Longing for a spiritual connection to her and to something deeper and more profound in my life, grieving and soul searching took me to unexpected places. I questioned the surety of my life as I knew it and wondered would Gram keep her promise of a divine message and would I be open enough to receive it?

The Butterfly Promise is a deeply moving, often witty, memoir about loss, relationships and soul defining love. Through the author's authentic voice, we accompany her through her losses, self-doubts and her quest to find truth and light in dark times. Readers can feel the bond between Gram and her granddaughter, "Totie" and the fear of losing the family member that means everything.

Gram was a lady ahead of her time who never lost sight of true love despite her own losses in life and was determined to give her granddaughter the ultimate test of faith and testament of love through a solemn promise.

Through a literary kaleidoscope of theories and revelations, we root for "Totie" to rise up from her sadness and find the answer to life's greatest question, "Does the soul live on after we die?"

The Butterfly Promise is a timeless story reminding us of the bonds we share as humans and the infinite journey the soul must take alone and how both can help us heal.

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