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A Case for Greatness: Achieving Success and Overcoming Trials in Your Law Career

by Alvin Adjei


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#1 International Bestseller on Amazon in TWENTY-TWO categories in the US, AU and CA.

Life is a journey, not a destination. In this journey, opportunities emerge for us to answer the call and discover a variety of lessons that better prepare us to face our purpose in life with confidence and courage as we seek to rise above the storms of life.

Under such circumstances, we become aware of a need to fulfill our innate purpose in life. Our purpose is the thing that we dream about, the thing that we desire to accomplish in an ideal situation. The biggest obstacle of why we do not seek to accomplish this dream is fear. We are fearful of failure, the unknown, and the perceived difficulty associated with the challenges we face. We must all discover and navigate the mission and purpose for our lives. How do we fulfill our destiny when life keeps throwing so many obstacles our way? The answer is hidden in those challenges we face. In the middle of those storms is where we learn what we must do to grow and move forward. Nevertheless, in order to move forward, we have to have the courage to answer the call. I invite you to join me in this bold leap to the call as a trial attorney.

Through trials both personal and professional, I have overcome the challenges of my parents’ divorce, the death of my track career, and struggles at the District Attorney’s Office to become an accomplished attorney. In this journey, the reader will be empowered to learn the lessons that could help them face life’s challenges with courage so they, too, can answer the calling on their lives.

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