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Mom Magic Mompreneur: The Magic of Motherhood and How It’s Changing the World

by Angela Bell,Dr. Shellie Hipsky,Traci Jeske,Pauline Grouette,Dr. Jessica Spradley,Charissa Lauren,Cathy Callahan,Sarah-Jane Layton,Melanie Greenhalgh,Krystylle Richardson,Hanna Olivas,Julianne Williams,Dr. Emily LeTran,Shonie Short,Nessa Lovell,Shavon Leach,Jennifer Lara


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Mom Magic Mompreneur is written for current & aspiring mompreneurs looking for a way to live the life they know they deserve. One full of time & financial freedom, and the ability to be a great mom and a great entrepreneur, without the Mom-Guilt, fear and shame that comes with putting themselves first. These women will come out from Mom Magic Mompreneur more confident, empowered, celebrated, and inspired to honour themselves and create a better life, and world, for us all.

This anthology of 17 powerful women from across the globe will help you develop and take action on all 5 areas of your Mompreneur Life:

  1. Trust Intuitive Nudges
  2. Believe There is a Better Way
  3. Know You Can Make it Happen
  4. Accept the Challenges with the Rewards
  5. Believe In Yourself & Your Abilities

The book's mantra is "Mom Magic CAN Change the World

All chapters were authentically written and represent each author’s intimate and relatable perspective on Mompreneurship and the challenges we face as Moms and Entrepreneurs.

If you are struggling with self-doubt, Mom-Guilt, imposter syndrome, fear of judgement, and fear of failure, then this book is for you! Inside are 17 strategies to help you to believe in your abilities and make your business dreams a reality.

You will learn:

  • How to do things “Like A Mom”
  • To Discover the Magic Within you
  • To Use the Resources you Have Available
  • Embrace Your Mom Style and Stop the Comparison Game
  • And so much more

Mom Magic is IN YOU! Harness it to change your life!

Join the founder, Angela Bell, as well as the other 16 amazing authors in Mom Magic, Mompreneur

  • Angela Bell
  • Hanna Olivas
  • Dr. Shellie Hipsky
  • Traci Jeske
  • Julianne Williams
  • Charissa Lauren
  • Dr. Emily LeTran
  • Pauline Grouette
  • Krystylle Richardson
  • Dr. Jessica Spradley
  • Sarah-Jane Layton
  • Shonie Short
  • Nessa Lovell
  • Cathy Callahan
  • Shavon Leach
  • Melanie Greenhalgh
  • Jennifer Lara

The Inspired & Profitable Mompreneur was created by Angela Bell, to serve the need she saw and experienced as a mom; the need for time & financial freedom and flexibility. She is the podcast host of the Inspired & Profitable Mompreneur Podcast, Amazon best-selling author and motivational speaker who travels the world. Angela is the movement creator of #I&PM – Inspired & Profitable Mompreneurs: The movement has been created to empower moms around the world to live their best life, create time & financial freedom via their own business, and use their power to create a better world! The Inspired & Profitable Mompreneur educates, celebrates, and empowers Moms globally.

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