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Taking On The NFL With Pro Teams KumiteSport: Martial Arts Making People Better For Life

by Dexter Kennedy


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Why isn't there a professional level of competition for martial arts point fighting? A league with the standardization of rules, and points on a national or world level? A league with teams, franchise teams with owners, as in other major league sports? A national or world organization at which point martial artists can aspire to participate? Why hasn't someone started this? Why hasn't this happened? Well, that's exactly what Taking on the NFL with Pro Teams KumiteSport is all about. This new updated Special Edition, which has been republished for potential competitors, coaches, managers, and for tournament promoters that may aspire to make their annual tournament the tournament that determines the competitors to represent city, or state as the franchise martial arts team for the national championship.

One of the goals of Taking on the NFL with Pro Teams KumiteSport is to make competitors, tournament promoters, and investors realize the tremendous possibilities and opportunities available in team point fighting. In this writing, you will learn:
  • The requirements of a tournament promoter/owner to make his or her annual tournament the tournament that determines the competitors to represent the professional point team for that city or state in the national championship.
  • How combining a national professional martial arts point team league with a national "Stand-Up Against Violence Everyone (S.A.V.E)" campaign and its benefits can change victimization and violence in America
  • How to increase the profitability of martial arts by offering family fun and entertainment through team competition and a national championship

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