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The Gospel of Women's Health: Awakening Athena Again

by Dr. Kenna Stephenson


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A human artist with an eternal passion for patient care, Dr. Kenna Stephenson thrives on helping others achieve well-being, whatever their circumstances. Her career has spanned private practice, community/rural medicine, the creation of a holistic health center for female veterans, employee health, and academic medicine. A founding member and medical director of Team-5 Medical foundation, she has practiced in underserved areas of Texas, Arizona, Belize, Guatemala, Southeast Asia, and New Zealand.

Her clinical research encompasses women’s health, preventive medicine, healthy aging, cardiovascular pharmacology, and holistic medicine. Her research has been featured in
Family Practice News, Cardiology News, Ob/Gyn News, Medscape, and WebMD. As the health expert, she created and presented programs for live weekly CBS and NBC television affiliates and local radio. She launched her YouTube channel, Doctor Kenna, in 2021. She currently practices family medicine in Northern Arizona and teaches medical students at The University of Arizona College of Medicine.

Medicine in the 21st-century preys on women through performing unnecessary procedures, prescribing excessive synthetic medications, and making diseases out of normal changes in a woman’s life. The current standard of care for women manufactures fear and anxiety that drives women to comply with harmful treatments. In doing so, women go against their own intuition and inner guidance. 1.2 billion women will become menopausal by the year 2030, and women deserve to know the truth about the art and science of women’s health and how to create the best level of physical, emotional, and spiritual health for the decades to come.

The Gospel of Women’s Health is filled with solutions, clear answers, and expert guidance for girls from age 7 to women in their 90s on how to deal with problems and health concerns of daily life. Practical and affordable solutions are presented for you, the reader, and every recommendation is supported by strong clinical research and science. Dr. Kenna's book includes foot-noted references for healthcare professionals who wish to apply my model of care. This book is timeless and timely and has changed lives worldwide in its revelation of the truth about women’s health.

Case studies illustrate the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery from common conditions, including obesity, stress, burn-out, high blood pressure, headaches, depression, anxiety, heart disease, fibromyalgia, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
The Gospel of Women’s Health will prepare you for healthcare conversations to expertly navigate among the predators in the medical system who seek to destroy the vitality of women. I will assist you in becoming a believer in your own intuition and ability to advocate for yourself and the women you love as we awaken the Athena wisdom of self-healing and reclaim our birthright of women’s well-being at all ages and stages of life.

The Gospel of Women’s Health guides women to take control of their health. It provides a new understanding of the Feminine Life Cycle and focuses on the healing images of dreams, sandtray, and film. It highlights creativity through handwork as a hallmark of health and a secret weapon of women worldwide. The Hormone Restoration Model of Care is revealed in Chapter 6 and is based on Dr. Kenna's landmark research.

The Gospel of Women's Health awakens the healing wisdom that resides within you, the reader, and illuminates the path of transforming your world. Now you will be able to under

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