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The Art Of Connection: 365 Days of Transformation Quotes by Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Influencers

by Robert W. Jones,Shawn Renee Jones


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For 3 years, nearly 900 authors have joined to create an ensemble of stories, affirmations, proverbs, insights, daily doses, however you want to call it, for you!

The Art of Connection books series has become a global movement for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and Influencers. It is a must-read for heart-centered, like-minded business professionals who want to serve their clients and the world as well. Never has a series meant so much! Each page is a bit of insight into the world of the compassionate action-taker, sharing their insight, experience, and wisdom with you the reader to create impactful actions.

This is not the type of book that should sit on the shelf to collect dust. The perspectives range from the newbie to the seasoned, from the structured to the chaotic, and all parts in between. True entrepreneurs love to help each other succeed. It isn’t just about competition, it is about the celebration of collaboration and co-creation. Entrepreneurs in this book believe there is abundance, not scarcity.

I remember the first book, 365 Days of Networking Quotes. I wanted to create a bridge, a connective vibration to bring entrepreneurs back together through tips on connecting. Then, the second book, 365 Days of Inspirational Quotes. In that book, I wanted to level up not just the connections, but the feelings that connections can inspire. In the most recent book, 365 Days of transformational Quote, we reached higher, into the world of transformation. That is, what, or who, or even why, the art of connecting matters. And why, the relationships that develop from those connections mean so much.

So here we are. Take a little time to meet the people and their stories in this volume of the Art of Connect. As with the first 2 books, be prepared to be touched by people like you, who have their hearts, experience, and wisdom. This book will pause you for a few moments to reflect, think, and even write a few words about your own personal journey.

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