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The Woo Woo Way: Unblock Your Chakras and Transform Your Life

by Sandy Evenson


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Are you ready to heal and transform your life?

It’s the magic of serendipity that you’ve picked up this book.

Dear wise, ageless woman. The book is dedicated to YOU. Let the stories, lessons, and exercises I share bring you the peace, joy and clarity you seek.

This is your time. Reclaim your authentic inner power. Unblock your chakras and reclaim your life.

Welcome to The Woo Woo Way!

You are entering the world of woo. You may be curious newcomer wondering, What the heck are chakras anyway? Perhaps you have passed this way before. Or maybe you have a lifetime pass to woo, and your knowledge of chakras is broad.

Whatever your path has been up to this point, one thing is clear: Now is your time. You've spent your whole life making sure everyone else is happy and supporting them. Trying not to take up too much space, not to be too loud, and bending over backward to get along while dealing with aches, pains and medical mysteries, you feel like things should be better by now.

Then, you woke up to a new idea. Instead of waiting for your life to changes or resigning yourself to your lot, you transform. Being your authentic self is your birthright, and you claim it.

Regardless of your reasons for reading this book, read it with a beginners mind. And be open to a new way of seening and being.

Sandy’s relatable and actionable tools and processes will help you release the blocks that keep you stuck and unleash your inner power to live your life with unshakable confidence and joyful exuberance. The time is now, and this book is the answer. I LOVE The Woo Woo Way. It will change your life.

—Fiona Orr, EPIC Life Coach, Creator of The Magical Manifestation Formula and The Epic Stance

The practice of energy medicine and energy work is recognized worldwide as a verifiable means to mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being. Yet even though many clinically proven modalities exist, such as Reiki, tapping, homeopathy, and naturopathy, skeptics dismiss them as woo woo nonsense. Skepticism can be healthy when we evaluate the validity of products and techniques that claim potency and effectiveness. However, in today’s world, our stress levels are higher than ever with uncertainty, anxiety, and frustration. We’re searching for ways to relieve the tension. Therefore, many of us are ready to try methods we might have rejected in the past.

The Woo Woo Way dispels some of the mystery behind the woo.

I love, love, love The Woo Woo Way by Sandy Evenson. The author has created a peaceful and clear book for her reader. It is incredibly helpful how she outlines each chakra’s purpose and back story, then makes it come alive with relevant and valuable stories. Her narrative is insightful and powerful. This book is a must-read for personal development beginners and experts alike. I know that these principles are pivotal. Besides, Evenson has made it so easy to access.

—Priya Rana Kapoor, MMFT, Coach, Speaker, and Author, Permission Media, Inc.

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