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Unstuck: Rethinking Risk & Reward

by Colin House


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Risk is Reward!

Today’s world is a tough, relentless, unforgiving place. So many of us are struggling with anxiety, stress, and an overwhelming lack of direction. How do we get “unstuck”? Hope is only one decision away!

Maybe you are a recent graduate trying to figure out your next move, or a budding entrepreneur, or anyone feeling stuck in life for whatever reason.

Rethinking risk can open countless opportunities and restore essential hope in our lives. From personal experiences of fulfilling mandatory military service in South Africa, to living in a car and playing college volleyball in a new country, and then exploring the crazy life of an entrepreneur, my journey is living proof that the American Dream is alive and well.

Now is your time to get unstuck. Rethink risk! Raise your hand and take a chance on a new life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Unstuck: Rethinking Risk & Reward is a must-read for anyone graduating from college, starting their first job, or looking for a new career. Allow author Colin House to help you prep for your journey in life.

Praise for Unstuck:

"Unstuck is a spot-on page turner! A book that equips you with practical tools full of truth, wisdom and encouragement as House speaks pointedly to the realities of risk equals reward. In this very personal and most fascinating journey, Colin House broke his upper limit and beat fear to the finish line!"

Teresa Hubbard, CEO, CITE Armored

"I found it difficult to put down (and I agree—God bless America). I love stories about how people have overcome difficulty and turned it to success, so this book grabs for that reason. I have also had two businesses of my own, so I can relate a bit to the entrepreneurship part—very exciting! I predict that this book will be enjoyed by all those who read it, and more importantly, they will be motivated and tutored by it."

Tresa Fish, University of Utah

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