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Creating Wealth Starts With Financial Health: Discover and Overcome Behavioral Risks in Your Financial Life

by Joel L. Franks


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Do you recall in your youth when your parents would tell you not to touch something very hot? You stared right into their eyes, your index finger pointing straight out toward the object you were not to make contact with, and as your hand slowly continued its journey…your parents continued to give you disapproving looks. They once again repeated the verbal warning. Yet in spite of knowing this action could result in pain or punishment, or both…you touched it!

Why did we disobey the wisdom of our parents, or the logic that there might be dangerous or negative consequences of our actions? Fast forward to today and as an adult, the same scenario gets repeated over and over when it comes to your financial decision-making. So, why do we do what we do with money?

Creating Wealth starts with Financial Health explores the field of behavioral economics in a unique storytelling format that makes learning about the influence of behavioral biases and variability both entertaining and educational. This fundamental approach will not only help you discover various behavioral inclinations, you’ll also learn about actionable steps to help you recognize these persuasive feelings and potentially harmonize your emotions with the choices you make in your financial life. Whether you're interested in accumulating wealth, growing wealth, managing wealth, protecting wealth, or intending to transfer wealth, revelations await for anyone seeking to improve financial health.

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