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Breaking Toxic Life Patterns: Simple Secrets to Heal Trauma without Reliving it

by Heather Forrester


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What if you have everything you need to take control of your life and unlock your fullest potential? Heather is confident that this book has the tools to help you become your best guru, healer, and guide. Are you tired of repeating the same painful life patterns again and again? Does it seem like no matter how hard you try, you always end up in a situation or relationship that drains your energy and leaves you feeling lost or left behind?

If you are ready to be emotionally independent, be self-reliant, and align with your values to attract the opportunities and people you want to experience, give yourself the gift of a step-by-step process to take the guesswork out of the transformation process. This book will teach the foundation that Heather used to transform her life after losing her father unexpectedly, struggling with postpartum depression, and ending up as a single mother after learning the truth about the man she thought she married. These are the tools she uses to guide all her clients to help them create a foundation of self-love and self-acceptance. This makes it possible for an individual to create the feelings of stability and safety needed to explore the realm of self-healing. This foundation will allow the reader to dive deeper into any emotions or fears created because of stressful events that may have occurred in this lifetime, effectively encouraging the reader to find joy.

Heather is a certified meditation instructor and energy healer, which she uses alongside her health and life coaching certification. This book is based on Heather’s self-healing program, which has helped many return to the home within themselves and take back control of their lives. Heather has interviewed these members, who share how they transformed happen using her tools. You can watch these interviews inside her support group, Anxiety & Trauma Recovery Female Warriors, or on her YouTube Channel. Because of her work, On Point Global News as Power Healer 2022 honorably recognized Heather with the superpower of Self-Love published in WomLead Magazine. This book helps the reader heal trauma without reliving the painful experiences that caused them by taking the focus away from what happened to you and focusing on how it affected you so you can heal it at the root. Identifying the emotional damage or defense mechanisms created by the trauma gives you the tools to look within and give yourself what you need to overcome them on your terms.

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