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Generational Wealth: Importance of Building a Family Legacy

by Johnathan Lightfoot,Amy Beeman


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In this book, readers will discover the importance of creating a family legacy that goes beyond material wealth. The author emphasizes the value of passing down values, traditions, and experiences to future generations. The book covers topics such as:

  • Brainstorming Your Legacy: Readers will learn how to define their legacy by identifying their skills, passions, and ideal life. They will be guided through creating a plan with actionable steps and seeking support from others who can help them achieve their goals.
  • Living Your Legacy: The author emphasizes the importance of using one's strengths and passions to achieve their goals and live their legacy. Readers will learn how to share their legacy by passing down traditions and wealth to future generations.
  • Building a Faithful Family Legacy: Parents will learn how to be present and lead by example, with gifts of love and family. The author emphasizes the role of being a steward for the family's legacy by taking responsibility for preserving and passing it down.
  • Creating Generational Wealth: The book provides actionable steps for creating generational wealth by investing in oneself, family, and community, paying off debt, investing in stocks, real estate, education, and life insurance, consulting experts, prioritizing financial education, and building a business.
  • Passing Down Good Money Values: The author highlights the importance of instilling good money values in the next generation. Readers will learn how to be a good money role model, teach kids the basics of money management, and encourage them to make their own money.

This book is a comprehensive guide for families who want to build a lasting legacy that goes beyond material wealth. The author provides practical advice and actionable steps for passing down values, traditions, and wealth to future generations. By following the guidance in this book, families will create a legacy that will be remembered for generations to come.

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