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Growing Forward: Navigating Change With Ease

by Charlotte Hillenbrand,Kate Witteveen


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It will greatly help you
  • To navigate through change in gentle yet effective ways so that you come out the other end stronger and with more clarity,
  • To find the version of you that is effortlessly strong, confident, and resilient,
  • To see that when you find that version you can fit in and thrive anywhere you want or need to be.
This book is different from other books about self improvement, self development and personal development.

Change can be an overwhelming and daunting experience. People think that big change
requires big changes, toughness or willpower, but
Growing Forward shows you that
conscious awareness and new perspectives, combined with even small steps can create
big shifts in very gentle ways
. It’s a nudge rather than a push, and the momentum you get
will keep you moving forward.

Growing Forward is a practical and comprehensive guide to navigating change positively
and constructively. With simple yet powerful and thought provoking exercises you will learn
to harness your own unique qualities in new ways. The result is
resourcefulness and agency.
You will gain a genuine appreciation for the opportunities that come with change and be
able to create a life that fits who you are and where you want to be.

Charlotte Hillenbrand, an Australian author, is no stranger to change herself. She is a lawyer
who became an international airline pilot, lived and worked in six countries, and then
set a course to become an author, speaker, mentor and coach. High achieving and high performing, just like
you, she shows that strength and softness can go hand in hand. You can relax into the
knowledge that the small step that you take will take you further than the big step you
hesitate forever to take.

Drawing on her experiences and her passion for human potential, the author synthesises
applied neuroscience and positive psychology and delivers a caring companion through
difficult phases of your life. Illustrated by stories from her own life, this book is the author’s
outstretched hand to anyone who feels they have lost their bearings for one reason or
another. It takes the pressure off the big questions and will leave you grateful and ready for
your next step.

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