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Profit By Design: Essays on Managing a Profitable Architectural & Engineering Practice

by Steven Lawrence Biegel

ASIN: B0C628578G

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Profit By Design presents strategies for earning and protecting profits. Through efficient delivery of integrated Architectural/Engineering services and constant awareness of profit goals, Architectural/Engineering firms can prosper ... even on the threshold of recession.

If you're planning on hiring an architect or offering architectural design services, this book is a must-read. Steven Biegel, AIA, a seasoned architect, and business manager, emphasizes the importance of balancing creativity with cost in architecture.

This book provides a practical framework to efficiently manage time and resources, allowing architects to run their business effectively and optimize profits. It delves into the intricate decision-making process involved in hiring an architect, taking into account factors such as experience, track record, efficiency, and technical considerations.

Biegel's straightforward and concise writing makes this book accessible to a wide audience, from students of architecture to real estate developers and property owners looking to renovate or re-purpose their space. Readers will gain valuable insights into the architectural design process and will be able to make informed decisions when hiring architects.

With this book, you will have the tools to set yourself up for success in your architectural ventures. Architects and Engineers who manage small and large practices may gain valuable insight into critical management issues and techniques, aimed at maximizing fees, profits and staff utilization.

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