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5 Levels of Mastery: Coaching and Mentoring for Love, Happiness and Success

by Peter Chee,Marshall Goldsmith,Aaron Ngui


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The 5 Levels of Mastery is created alongside continuous learning complimentary solutions that serve as your compass, companion and coach throughout your life’s voyage for greater love, happiness and success. We left no stone unturned in sharing with you the most important things that we learned and applied over more than a hundred years of our cumulative experience globally.

We integrated the learnings, used it in own life to enable us to get to where we are, and we continue to apply them to make an even bigger contribution to our world. We imparted this know-how to our loved ones, friends, clients, and community, and we have seen them benefit from it tremendously. The disciplines, principles, practices, techniques, and tools that we share with you in this book are universal and timeless in their application. We believe you can make them work for you too. This work is also based on our extensive research and practice in coaching, mentoring, training, and developing leaders from over eighty countries. In helping people, we discovered what worked wonders to produce outstanding results.

Leaders who applied the disciplines experienced transformational growth. They are filled with joyful purpose, practice empowering habits, and live fulfilling lives that inspire others. Our desire is to unleash your potential to live an abundantly profound life by leveraging on the 5 Levels of Mastery and 10 Disciplines of Love Happiness and Success.

Ultimately, we will also be equipping you to mentor, coach, and multiply your greatness abundantly to those around you to make your world a better place. The more you impart the more you learn. The more you give, the more you receive and the more greatness you will experience in your amazing life. We are grateful to you for allowing us to join you on this transformational journey. We are so excited to add as much value as we can to you as you pursue your highest vision.


Cutting Edge Toolkit: You can download and use the practical and powerful tools provided to enable you to accelerate your achievements.
Engaging Mobile App: Let’s Coach app enables you to receive virtual coaching from the authors and gain constant updates and new insights for continuous growth.
Robust Methodology: The authors mentor you to master the disciplines by sharing best practices, inspiring cases and proven techniques that inspire transformation.
Contemporary Models: Intensify your learning with insightful models designed to show you how to get from where you are to where you want to be.
Discovery Assessment: Discover the priorities requiring your focus and the gaps needing to be bridged in your journey towards abundance.
Transformational Coaching: Expertly crafted questions at the end of every chapter triggers your creative and innovative thinking to generate breakthrough solutions.
Results-based Action Plan: Craft your strategies, tactics and action steps so you can take massive action for outstanding results.

Life changing book that delivers tremendous value and impact.
~ Professor William J. Rothwell, Penn State University, Author of over 300 books

This is a must-have guidebook for life.
~ LeDon Brooks, VP Global Support Hub, Schneider Electric

This book is a must-read for anyone looking to unlock their full potential.
~ Dr. Agapol Na Songkhla, Chief People Officer, Thai Beverage Public Company Limited

Inspired and compelled me to embrace life with higher purpose and realize my full potential.
~ Shamsul Amree, CEO Domino’s Pizza, Malaysia and Singapore

“This book has such a profound impact on me to sharpen my life purpose, strengthen my way of leadership and embrace coaching for the greater good, every day.”
Ian Wong, Managing Director, Group Head, International Management, UOB Bank

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