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Revolution Without the R: Helping Our Newest Generations Turn Revolution into Evolution and Change US Politics Forever

by Michael Marr


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On January 6th, 2021, the vice president of the most powerful country in the world hid in a parking garage surrounded by his security detail while thousands of protestors, some with homemade guillotines with his name on them, entered the U.S. Capitol.

That noise you heard while witnessing the insurrection was the collective gasp of 330 million people in the United States asking,
“How the $#!% could something like that happen in our country?”

But this narrative doesn’t tell the whole story - this book is about creating social change to benefit future generations while providing insights into improving personal conflict with others.

In this book, you’ll learn simple conflict management strategies from experts on how to cultivate better relationships. You’ll receive printable dialogue guides and engage in practicing these conversations via modern learning tools, including chatbots. Be able to finally reconnect with those you’ve unfriended on Facebook, close family members, and even those you haven’t spoken with in years.

You’ll also learn about revolution science - which reviews recurring elements present in past uprisings to predict a country’s future political instability.

Review why the science indicates a future peaceful revolution in the United States most likely won’t come from a small number of fiery insurrectionists, but from the growing coalition of citizens passionate about creating a reformed democracy.

Also, learn why this science says those people starting this future revolution….
may include you and me.

Welcome to the Evolution.

Over 40 years of research on explaining and forecasting political instability led me to the conclusion that our nation’s insurrection on January 6, 2021, was predictable. Unfortunately, the one certainty we have is that our nation will probably experience more unrest unless we commit to improving trust in government and decrease the polarization and anxiety driving us toward ever deeper spirals of conflict. Michael Marr’s work in conflict management and helping people more easily discuss political differences points us toward ways to lower our national anger with each other. Forming coalitions of like-minded citizens to work towards a better democracy, especially for our youngest voting generations, is an essential stepping stone towards returning our nation to normalcy and away from a greater conflict.
Jack A. Goldstone, Hazel Professor of Public Policy, George Mason University and author of Revolutions: A Very Short Introduction

Regardless of best intentions, the moment our emotions are hijacked is the moment we wish we could take back the words that created a divide. ‘Revolution Without the R’ is the practical learning guide to transform those moments for healing and meaningful connections.
Sheila Keitel, Organizational Development, Change Management Specialist

I’ve been partnering with companies and executive leaders for 15 years to help strengthen employee retention and improve individual and company performance. I had the pleasure of working with Mike while I helped him certify for a talent optimization platform. It was apparent that Michael had a natural intuitiveness and passion to help others, which comes across as he is facilitating and training others. I appreciate that he has now created learning guides and content to help address one of our primary needs - how to better handle conflict –a critical skill needed to successfully navigate today’s world.
Dr. Lori Wieters, Owner/Operator at Purposeful Leadership Consulting
and Chief Collaboration Officer at Wi2 Co-Lab

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