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For a Second Chance, Turn the Page: A Story of Faith, Prophecy, and Revelation

by Stacie Bowles


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The clock is ticking, the end is near, and Cassie is prepared.

A great prophecy has been fulfilled, and one event is due to take place very soon. Since 2020, it seems that scenes from the Bible have been unfolding as front-page news, and the sinister shadow of the Antichrist looms large. Cassie, a young gift shop owner from Texas, has become desperate to relay the most critical piece of advice of her life to her friends and family as they navigate the tumultuous aftermath of the Rapture. This one piece of advice will ensure the only survival that matters to those who were left behind. Using a study guide and critical letters that Cassie created for this very event, they unearth facts from the bible, embracing their destiny as warriors in a spiritual struggle to survive the last seven years.

For a Second Chance, Turn the Page is a breathtaking exploration of Love’s second chance and enduring power, a heart-pounding odyssey that resonates with skeptics, believers, and seekers alike. As the clock ticks towards a final reckoning, these indomitable souls learn that their journey is not just a battle for survival but a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the unconditional love and grace of their Creator. And with Cassie’s letters and guidebook in hand, they all face a massive choice: Do they accept God’s second chance and live an eternal life with Him? Or do they allow themselves to bow and take the mark of the beast, refusing God and accepting an eternity with Satan?

Stacie Bowles masterfully crafts a gripping tale of intrigue and spiritual awakening, where ancient texts intermingle with contemporary challenges, and ordinary people become instruments of extraordinary grace. With each turn of the page, readers are transported into a world on the brink, where friendships are forged, faith is rekindled, and hope reignites in the face of adversity.

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