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Power Speaking & Executive Presence: Connecting at Head and Heart Level for Profound Results

by Edwin Johnson,Peter Chee,Aaron Ngui


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Unlock the secrets to impactful communication with "Power Speaking & Executive Presence," a comprehensive guide crafted over three decades of experience in leadership development, coaching, and mentoring. This book addresses a common challenge among professionals: excelling in creative problem-solving but struggling with confident and effective oral presentations.

Learn the art of compelling speaking with confidence, clarity, and conviction as the authors guide you through foundational skills to advanced techniques. Drawing from the wisdom of renowned speaking icons this book amalgamates the experiences, expertise, insights, and best practices of the authors to enable you to speak powerfully with profound presence.

Each chapter is meticulously designed to build your prowess in various aspects of communication, from foundational skills in verbal and non-verbal communication to executive presence and virtual power speaking. Discover the fluency factor, assertive skills, the art of powerful reflection and story-telling, and the heart of listening and asking great questions, case stories that bring to life best practices and techniques in elevating gravitas and maximizing influential executive presence, which all lead towards power-packed presentations and outstanding executive presence.

Whether you're a team leader, sales executive, politician, or corporate leader, this book is tailored to elevate your speaking and presenting skills. Overcome fears and limitations, embark on an exciting journey to communicate with passion and purpose, and develop a leadership executive presence that resonates both in-person and online.

"Power Speaking & Executive Presence" is not just a guide, its your companion on your journey for self-improvement; it is an invaluable resource meticulously created to empower you in your career and life. Open new avenues, assert your profound leadership presence, and witness your dreams come true. Your journey to becoming a powerful speaker starts here. This book is your key to profound results through the art of Power Speaking with Influential Executive Presence.

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