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Lessons from the Drive-Thru: Real Life Wisdom for Frontline Leaders

by Monica Rothgery


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It Was Never About the Tacos

Leading a team is hard. There is immense pressure to deliver results while leading a team of unique, diverse individuals. As a Taco Bell manager, Monica Rothgery tried muscling her way through, working extremely hard, only to produce mediocre results. Over time, she learned that her job was not to run the business but to
lead the team. Once leadership became the focus, turnover decreased, the customer experience improved, and the business grew.

Lessons from the Drive-Thru: Real Life Wisdom for Frontline Leaders, Monica uses stories from behind the counter to illustrate the power of true servant leadership. Both new and experienced leaders will learn how to:

  • Shift the focus from “me” to “we” and watch the team thrive while the business grows.

  • Discover the power of using uniqueness to lead with ease, authenticity, and vulnerability.

  • Realize the potential to impact the lives of those of team members.

  • Anticipate the unexpected and persevere with grace.

Enjoy Monica’s sometimes funny, sometimes soul-crushing stories of her journey to discover the true meaning of leadership in
Lessons from the Drive-Thru.

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