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Mom, I Have a Problem: An Unraveled True Story of Depression, Suicide, Resilience, and Second Chances

by Sophia Manarolis


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An intense and true story book based on real life that offers a raw and new understanding of depression, suicide, resilience, and support.

A must read book on depression for anyone who is stressed, anxious, borderline depressed, or a parent and caregiver caring for someone with depression.

Sophia Manarolis has survived 4 major depressive episodes and multiple suicide attempts. Her close family members and close friends didn’t understand depression, nor did they know how to support someone with depression the first time around that’s for sure. They also didn’t know the importance of preventing burnout, which could have really avoided a lot of unnecessary suffering.

In this updated version of “Depression Doesn’t Discriminate”, you’ll learn how:

  • Awareness about burnout and depression is paramount in order to work on prevention.
  • Recovery is clearly possible, but prevention is much preferable and ALSO very possible.
  • Greater understanding of depression and compassion can save lives of loved ones.
  • Parents can absolutely help by educating themselves.

Before, after, and in between surviving multiple suicide attempts and making a promise to help others with depression, Sophia worked toward becoming a trained mental health strategist with a Masters in Counselling, acquiring extensive life coaching training, and has seen 500+ clients since the start of her career; she most definitely brings a unique perspective as a survivor of burnout, depression and suicide”.

In this book to help with depression, Sophia converted her adversity into prosperity by creating the 3:16 Movement to help the anxious generation building a non anxious life.

This depression self help book is written in a VERY authentic and pretty RAW manner.

Get this book about suicide and get real-life advice on how to help a family member or a close friend who’s facing depression and anxiety.

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