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Open for Joy: A Journey of Healing and Business Success

by Carolyn Pistone


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This Book Is About Bringing Your Whole Self To Your Whole Life!

So often, we find ourselves at a crossroads or crisis in life, career, family, or business. This can obscure our view of the joy that is always present in us and in the world. We can often find ourselves saying and thinking, “If I could just___then I’ll be happy,” or “Once this happens in my career___I will be successful,” or even “If I could just get a big windfall, I can start living the life I want, have the impact I want, or bring my business to the next level.”

Through a harrowing, insightful, and often funny life and career, author Carolyn Pistone illustrates how we can find joy in our lives, in our businesses, in our families, and bring ultimate joy to the world.

Strive to enjoy everything! Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for any of us. Everything in this life is a gift that won’t last forever.

In this book, you will find ideas and perspectives to:

  • Overcome past trauma and find the gifts hidden within it.
  • Embrace your vulnerability as a strength and tool to connect with the world authentically.
  • Bring your business to the next level through joy.

Put your current challenges into a larger context. These are the puzzle pieces that form the joyous vision for life and business.

  • Find gratitude and forgiveness in every area of your life.

This book intends to help you see your challenges in a larger context. Open your mind to the many ways to measure your wild success and provide super-tips to bring yourself and your business to the level of your ambition and desired impact. This unique and powerful journey will help you find and celebrate every joyous step that brought you to the joy that is your life and the joy that you bring to the world.

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